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Bankruptcy is a time-honored practice that affords honest debtors the opportunity for a fresh start. 

Everyone filing a Bankruptcy has experienced financial problems beyond his or her control.  The court, trustees, and your attorney, understand this and if you comply with their instructions, they will help you out of your financial crisis. 

In order to help you get the relief to which you are entitled, you must make full disclosure of all your financial affairs.  Do not try to second-guess the system -- it has been here longer than you.

You will need to bring the following documents to our office when you come in to go over your completed worksheet.  It is very important that you bring these items with you. Use this page as a checklist as you gather the documents. Some of the documents listed may or may not apply to you. Try to gather as many as the necessary documents (that pertain to you) as you can, as you will need to eventually provide all the documentation requested.

  • 1. Driver’s License, Passport, Government Issued Photo Identification and  Social Security Card


  • 2. Current statements and bills from all creditors for which we do not have information. Creditors with a zero balance may need not be included; check with your attorney. (Credit Card, Medical Bills, Etc.)

  • 3. Pay stubs for the last six (6) months from all current employers.

  • 4. Tax returns for the last two (2) years and corresponding state income tax for the same period.

  • 5. All judgments or court orders entered against you or in your favor, including any pending actions.


    6. Copies of any promissory notes, Deeds of Trust, property tax statements, or contracts on any real estate you own or are buying.

  • 7. Proof of Insurance. If the policy is new, please provide the “binder” which is issued until the policy is in full force. If the policy is not new, then please provide the declarations page.  Insurance information must state, at a minimum, the names of the insured(s) (you and other drivers in the case of car insurance), the policy number, the collateral that is insured, and the loss payee (the company(ies) that have liens on the property).


  • 8. Copies of any notes or retail installment contracts from banks, credit unions, finance companies or any other lenders. Also, any security agreements or other documents listing your property as collateral for the purchase of cars, furniture, mobile homes, other personal property, or cash loans.

  • 9. Copies of all life insurance policies that have a cash value.  You do not need to bring copies of term life policies.

    10. All legal documents pertaining to divorces or lawsuits which are pending or which have been finalized in the past 24 months.

    11. All executory contracts; for instance, leases, contracts for sale or deed and lease-purchase contracts

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